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A Kingdom United?

A deeper look into the events and actions within the U.K. Aiming to analyse and discuss the effects events have on our daily lives, the media portrayal of such events and the political wrangling they create.

Money Talking and Walking

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So the trial of the media is all but over.  Rebekah Brooks seems to have skipped all responsibility.  Andy Coulson has been made scapegoat and yet that maybe brought into question due to the bumbling antics of sort of chosen leader David Cameron.   Rupert Murdoch has made a mint.

A full-page apology ad published in British ne...

A full-page apology ad published in British newspapers by News International.

Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How has justice been wronged so badly?

It all starts from power and money.  Rupert Murdoch has it.  Throughout the whole trial he has controlled everything he could control. Other players like Rebekah Brooks and her coven have been gift a hand from a man I am sure they worship more so than any deity they might have strayed upon during their scrap to what life they perceive was worthy.  Andy Coulson sued News Corp to cover his costs, and indeed News Corp are going to pay at figures around £60 million at current estimates for the trial itself, and we the tax payer could be paying around £40 million.  That sticks firmly in the craw.  Especially considering by all accounts it could turn out to be the biggest waste of tax payers money.  It may happen that Coulson and his retrial are already compromised by none other than David Cameron. 

In terms of what we managed to actually prosecute, we only have one ham-handed success as I see it.   Yet that success is meaningless in terms of goals I would have set for the whole investigation.  At the least I was hoping for punishment to be metered out with the intent to ensure that news companies are governed correctly and understand that the people they make their wages from are to be treated as such.  We did not reach deep enough into the underbelly of what really is going on behind the many powerful doors Rupert Murdoch and in fact he turned the whole darn affair to his advantage.  We have been handed a man to call bad, to be convicted and sent down.  One high ranking member of the chain.  Despite all indications that this who wrong doing ethos was rife and still is rife within the Murdoch empire.  Despite a deep look into the history of Brooks and Coulson which revealed they were the same in many ways.  The drive, the intelligence and the will to do whatever it took to achieve their aims.  

Some things to think about.  Firstly, the tactics of the defense played a large hand in how the evidence was delivered.  They played the system of evidence presentation to their advantage.  Evidence had to be submitted without any reference to why they were evidence in the trial.  Therefore the Crown (thats us!) were only allowed to make an opening statement.  This leads just two people attempting to present a story from masses amounts of evidence, with an army of defending lawyers pointing out the haphazard manner in which evidence was pieced together.  The evidence itself was selective to say the least.  A story of a safe being lost.  A safe.  Being lost.  I repeat for gravity.  How could the hierarchy not know about all that went on?  What exactly is that has all powerful men fawning over Rebekah Brooks?  What evidence was not presented, due to either off the record evidence or due to deletion and destruction? Given all the power in media how much can we trust them? How much wool has been pulled over our eyes?

Rupert Murdoch - Caricature

Rupert Murdoch - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Rupert Murdoch has prospered because of the whole investigation.  Shrewdly he separated his TV Empire and Newspaper Empire into two separate companies.  This heralded for a confidence in his businesses and has doubled the value of his companies and it is reported Mr Murdoch alone has made a profit of upwards of £4 Billion.  He has downed no small amount of money for the whole affair, and will continue to do so due to costs to News Corp that have been suggested may reach up to 1 billion.  I had hoped that ongoing investigations may result however the sheer power of the man will brush it under the carpet in the most likely scenario. He made a fortune and will no doubt be laughing his way throughout.  How he managed to remove himself so far from any guilt and yet still in front of all of our eyes waved his very expensive wand and had his way, I do not know.

Ms Brooks has evaded the law and got off scot free.  Suggestions are that she, like Murdoch Junior, will take a role in Murdoch TV, probably in America.  She is a smart woman, I am pretty sure she wont be putting herself in this position again.  I frequently wondered what the kisses on texts to powerful men represented since being revealed.  I imagined some kind of upper class debauchery with her at the helm.  I could be right, yet shall never know. Her life is now free to continue, she is worth millions and she is now able to live life as she and Murdoch see fit.  She is a friend in a high place, and am sure that power from whatever and whoever she knows will long continue.  Justice? 

Andrew Coulson will serve the time. He will serve a small sentence, possibly as little as 9 months all told and will be a tainted yet free man.  Given his relationship with powerful people, despite a large tiff with News Corp, I still think he is able to afford a life when he is released that is still far off from the what everyday man could hope to afford.  His earning at Newscorp have been guessed of upto £500 thousand per year.  He has stated it was no where near but never revealed the exact figure.  His government wage was £140,000 per year.  He has powerful friends that sympathize with him.  Most of them are people I judge to be in roles they are ill-equipped for, however they do the talking and the money spending, and the decision making of this fair nation, and show us what the wish for us to see.  Hood winked.

David Cameron - Caricature

David Cameron's involvement may have confirmed how inept people thought him to be, and with luck may have revealed to the public.  He messed up when he took the advice of his old friend Ms Brooks,  he removed barriers and systems in place to ensure that the high level of English decision making could never be brought in to question.  He ignored several warnings about Coulson and his involvement in what has been described as intelligence like operations at News of the World.  He apologised  during the trail and therefore puts the retrial and any verdict in any question.  He is being schooled by both Lord Blair (not the Previous PM, the Ex Police chief) and Justice Saunders.  A little bit of justice?

So what have learned?  People are happy to say sorry if they think that it will do.  The powerful few, who control so much will continue to do so. The law can be bent.  Justice can be entirely undone.  Unqualified people in very important decision making roles makes for a lot of egg on face.  Wily old power merchants and his mentees will continue to flourish and court the politicians.  There is so much more to this story including police bungles in investigations, Tony Blair's involvement and much more that I could not cover.  Perhaps an addendum. I know there is outrage in those thinkers among this country and rightly so there should be.  Russell Brand recently called for revolution and would I love for him to be right, for our society to bring a true form of democracy, but we all know that is an ideal.  I think we may have a different set of politicians in charge next year, but I very much doubt their puppet masters will have changed.