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Hugo Chavez granted new powers

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I'll kick things off. WTF is up with Hugo Chavez being granted these new dictator powers? For the next 18 months he can pass laws by decree. Not sure if Venezuela pretends to be a democracy or not, but this officially ends that.


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Under Pressure!

Maybe the US are finally getting to him.

They've threatened him enough for not towing the line. Sounds like a messy end to another South American story.

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Crazy Chavez

He is really just the latest in a long line of South American tinpot dictators. Venezuela should be well off country but with him in charge that will never happen. He is almost as much of an idiot as Mugabe

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When he's in exile some day, we'll find out how much money he stashed away in some offshore account.  My hunch is he's pilfering billions from the country's coffers.  Got no proof to back that up, but that's usually how it goes with these types.