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3 Intriguing and Creative Video Memes

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Mashing up content and creating something new and fresh out of pre-existing video is nothing new, and it's what makes the ever-changing nature of the Internet so fascinating.  That said, I've noticed a few new video memes that have really piqued my interest of late:

  1. Literal videos — taking those incomprehensible music videos of the 80s and other decades which seem to have nothing to do with the song, and "re-singing" them with new lyrics literally explaining what's happening, often with hilarious results.  A few of my favorites:
  2. Recut Trailers — your favorite movies remixed and edited to look like completely different genres.
  3. Kinetic Typography — Songs and TV shows with very creative animated text accompaniment, of particular interest to English teachers.  Like subtitles on LSD.

Human creativity, like most things these days, seems to be accelerating.  Surely there are more video memes out there that you've noticed and found amusing.  Please share them with us!


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Very interesting! Thanks for

Very interesting! Thanks for doing all this research.