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What are Userpoints?

What's all this about, anyway?

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Userpoints are just points that you receive when you participate in the TalkingSkull community. They're a way to identify and give credit/kudos to our most active users. Think of it like "bragging rights". The top contributors will be honored on the home page, user pages, and various other places. It could be you! Check your profile page to see how many total userpoints you currently have.

How do I earn userpoints?

First of all, you need to create an account. For that act alone, you'll earn 25 userpoints. After that, the following acts will earn you points:

  • Logging in to your account (you must be logged in to earn points)
  • Uploading a picture to your profile page
  • Creating a new forum topic
  • Posting a comment (replying) to anything
  • Voting on a poll
  • Someone else viewing an article that you created *
  • Someone else viewing a poll that you created *
  • Someone else viewing a forum topic that you created *
  • More to come...

* In these cases, you'll earn userpoints every time someone views an article, poll, or forum topic that you've created. The potential exists for earning lots of points.

Can I buy anything with these userpoints?

Hey, don't get greedy! No, currently userpoints are just for fun and recognition. Although perhaps in the future they may serve some trade-in function...