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What would you prefer be done with your body after you die?

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maybe before cremation or burial, donate some healthy organs tht you have. cos, i dont think you'll need it after you die.

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Personally, I thought the Vikings did it in style. After I pop my clogs, if someone could arrange for me to be pushed out to sea in a burning boat, that would be just great.

After donating what useful bits are left of my body of course.

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If I'm dead, I imagine I

If I'm dead, I imagine I wouldn't care or even know about what happens to my body. I would definitely be in favor of whatever makes it easier for those that have to deal with it. I suppose that means cremation. It would also be nice to know that my body wouldn't be taking up space in a cemetery somewhere. Leave only footprints...

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I like the viking funeral idea or what would be best but not economically feasible is to have my body sent off into space, then one day aliens will find it and bring me back to life. Or perhaps it would get sucked into a black hole and spit out into another dimension. but then I'd be dead so whats the point

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I would like to reserve a spot next to Lenin...but I believe that even this preservation method has started to fail on him.

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Wingsuit baby!

Well, I chose cremation, but if I have enough warning, I want to go out in a wingsuit:

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Burial. total ordinary

Burial. total ordinary