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Is the World Safer With bin Laden Dead?

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Is the World Safer With bin Laden Dead?

Some say that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Not including mercenaries, a third type of fighter, I believe that a freedom fighter is someone who is not free, and is fighting for his freedom and that of his family, usually in the context of a civil war. A terrorist is someone who hides in the shadows, an unknown, who has a political agenda of his own and may be more free than the people in the country he is fighting in.
In this case a highly educated and wealthy man had a political and religious agenda and decided that using terror would achieve these ends. He rose to become the chief executive terrorist (CET).

He lived with his family in a walled estate that was safe and comfortable. He was protected by allies within the country he lived. He knew that he was in danger but did not believe that his enemies could find him, or if they did, they would be powerless to attack him before he escaped.
Now he is a martyr to some and a deceased criminal to others.
In the short term his death will provide some motivation to some to commit more acts of terrorism in his name, and some feelings of accomplishment and relief in the minds of his enemies.

In the long term, there will be one less wealthy and intelligent advocate of terrorism. So, yes, the world will eventually be slightly safer. But it is a matter of a less steep slope, not an upward return to peace. The causes, political economic and religious differences, that were motivations in this case remain, as they have existed for a thousand years. It is quite possible that other fanatical leaders will step forward to assume the role of CET.